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Nationwide more than 1200 working platforms


Nationwide the Paul Becker GmbH offers access to a machine rental fleet of more than 1200 working platforms and lift trucks. We offer working platforms with a working height up to 72 meters  and stackers with a load carrying capacity up to 6 tons , so the Becker rental park will always be able to offer the right equipment.


Regardless of whether truck-mounted platforms, telescopic working platforms, articulated working platforms, scissor lifts, personnel lifts, trailer mounted work platforms, mast mounted working platforms, tracked aerial-  and chain working platforms, telehandler, forklifts, pedestrian-stackers.


From 10 locations Becker serves you – all over Germany. Through an ingenious transport logistics Becker supplies working platforms and lift trucks to your requirements in time.


A completely maintained and modern rental park offers you a high degree of reliability for your work. Working platforms are particularly suitable for the following areas: Cleaning of buildings, construction of steelworks, installation of advertising equipment, roofing works, work on telecommunication systems, tree care (tree-cut), installation of Christmas decoration and, of course, for maintenance work as well as inventories.


Becker offers you the entire range of height access technology, as well as the associated services and training programs. Of course, you also have the option to buy new or used working platforms from Becker and we would appreciate to carry out the repair and maintenance for you.

Security is given by Becker.  In our training center we offer the basis for a safe handling of trucks and working platforms by means of targeted training and further training measures. We train your employees in safe and efficient handling of these devices. Trained employees achieve better performance by enabling the machines to be used more effectively and you as business owner protect yourself against possible liability.


We guarantee a good partnership with fair prices.